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Meet the Founder


Meet the Founder

Anne Robinson has over 20 years of teaching experience in the fields of dance and yoga and comes from a lineage of teachers. She performed and taught modern dance in Chicago and NYC for many years before venturing into the world of yoga at the Jiva Mukti Yoga Center in NYC. Her first of many certifications comes from Sri Swami Satchidananda at the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC.  Her most influential teachers come from all walks of life, and some of her most influential yoga teachers are David Life, Dharma Mitra, Shiva Rea, Ragunth Cappo, Brooke Myers and Leslie Kaminoff at The Breathing Project. She is a teacher of all levels, including prenatal and meditation, as well as a "teachers teacher."   She is grounded and innovative and very in touch with the energy in the classes she leads. She also teaches how to create organic flows in Teacher Trainings. Her classes are joyful, fun, thoughtful and cosmic. The Radiance Sutras are her "go to" texts for inspiration.

Her dance and movement training includes Horton, Laban Bartinieff, Body-Mind Centering, Ballet and much Somatic Exploration.

Her personal practice is a continued exploration of the mind, body connection, and energy work through yoga, myofascial release technique and meditation.

Anne has had many wonderful teachers in life, dance, and yoga and hopes to pass on their energy, love, grace, and compassion.

Hatha, the physical practice of yoga, is a vehicle towards self-awareness. As Iyengar says," Health begins with firmness in the body, deepens to emotional stability, then leads to intellectual clarity, wisdom and finally the unveiling of the soul … . We work with the body to perfect the soul. "As we deepen and connect with ourselves through the practice of hatha yoga, we let go of physical, mental, and emotional habits that are unnecessary. Yoga starts with the physical and ultimately takes the practitioner to a much deeper level of experience. Anne has created her own unique style of rigorous and fun vinyasa flow that inspires all levels of practitioners. The classes, conducted at a steady but fluid pace, allow each student their own unique experience.

Anne also has an extensive private clientele ranging from farmers to celebrities, among which was the lead cast of the 2015 James Bond movie 'Spectre' and the Broadway play 'Betrayal.'

In-home private instruction wherever you are located is a gift that keeps on giving.

Private classes in either yoga or meditation give both instructor and student greater access to guidance that deepens and expands their individual practice. Anne has worked in injury rehabilitation and with every level from beginning to advanced. Her experience ranges from leading children's creative movement to design programs for seniors, athletes, and actors. Prenatal yoga is also available to women throughout their pregnancy.