Yoga Resources

Violet Moon Yoga

Here are a few items I think are great for your home practice or
if you like to bring your own mat to the studio.

New recommendations are coming soon!


Yoga Mats

Foam Rollers

I LOVE foam rollers!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend the high-density roller. You can work out kinks and ease your back, shoulders, spine, calves, etc., by rolling. It's amazing.

Massage Balls

So versatile and very important! Use these to massage just about any aching part of your body and get just the right amount of pressure to really dig deep and release the tension!


If you're not making use of old hardback books for yoga props ( gotta use 'em for something, right?), check out these yoga blocks.


Books! For reading, information, pretty pictures …


Music! I LOVE anything by Jai Uttal, and the Trance Planet compilations are GREAT, as is Baka Beyond. Listen to samples or ask me in class if you hear something you like.