The Radiance Sutras

Violet Moon Yoga

Translated from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, this text glows with an expansive intimacy in the conversation between two lovers, Bhairava and Devi.

They are refreshingly intimate, sensual, fierce and immediately effective. As you are reading a sutra , even if you are not doing a formal practice, your body is being affected.

These sutras are our entrance into the quantum vibratory body and the vibrational intelligence known as spanda.

We live in this incredible spacious field filled with intelligence and consciousness, moving, flowing constantly evolving.

Please enjoy Sutra 31…………

Experience the substance of the body

And the World

As made up of vibrating particles,

And these particles made up of

Even finer energies.

Drifting more deeply,

Feel into each particle

As it condenses from infinity

And dissolves back into it


Noticing this, breathe easilyWith infinity dancing everywhere.