Happiness and Grace

Violet Moon Yoga

How is it that happiness can be so illusive for some, and others are born with an abundance that doesn’t cease? That shit seems a little unfair! Isn’t happiness our birthright? Born into this physical life out of the amazing magical creation of the universe that delights in expressing itself in another unique way? BAH!

Beautiful words but, puh-lease! When you’re feeling down, beautiful words just make it worse. How do we align with the joy we desire? For me, movement in the form of yoga always helps. Meditation doesn’t always, because moving the body creates hormones, and opens lines of energy that might be harder to access while sitting. Although, I do sit in mediation daily. Everyone is different though. Some find freedom in reading great texts. So be it. To each his own. There are 8 Limbs of Yoga and any of those ways, point you in the right direction. For many, since we’re in the physical, and we can see it, feel it, touch it, it’s easy to access and deepen, therefore it takes us inward.

What about desires and wanting externals that you know feed your soul, such as living elsewhere, or in proximity to nature? Well, Abraham says, if we feel good first, everything we envision will show up. The big BUTT is feeling good first! The universe is laughing at us daily over SO many things! Or rolling it’s eyes : ) C’mon! That seems SO unfair! I know what I want! Why does my partner want something else??? Fuck me. What a joke.

Or is it? Somehow, if we find our inner joy, we attract more joy. That’s just science. We put out a frequency so whatever comes to us matches that frequency. It can take years to even KNOW that you have a frequency ! THEN to know it’s off? THEN, to know that it’s within our power to change it? Maybe more years, if we’re lucky. WHY is no one talking about this shit in school? Some never understand this, therefore, continue to blame outside circumstances for their depression, or anxiety. Someone should write a book on that, LOL!

I think GRACE is the knowing, but another question I have for the universe is, why do some feel the touch of grace and others don’t? That’s a philosophical conundrum for me. I guess everyone has a chance but some can’t take it. Of course, there must be a fear of going deeper and feeling worse. There’s also the EGO, wanting what it wants and blaming who or what it wants. Oy vey in the biggest way.

I had an incredible modern dance teacher, Nina Shineflug, in Chicago who used to say that we needed to learn how to move in the way we were meant to move. Her class was crazy hard, and she worshipped Isis and talked about energy ALL the time, and that was WAY before I understood anything in that realm. BUT deep down, I knew without a doubt, that her class was for me. I KNEW. Even though sometimes it took all my will to go.

That’s Grace. Maybe Grace leads us to Happiness if we’re not already there. At that time, I was working through the grief of losing my parents and being able to move it through my body proved priceless for me. Although, not without immense amounts of physical and emotional pain. We gotta go there to burst through to the other side.

It ain’t always perty, but it’ll get ya somewhere. Keep on trying and give yourself a break when you mess up or feel blue. We’re humans having a human experience that hopefully contains both lots of Grace and lots of Happiness.

Violet Moon Yoga