The Universe of Your Body/The All Encompassing Love of Yourself and What You Do

Violet Moon Yoga

In teaching people to move through the vocabulary of yoga and dance, what we really teach people to do, is tune in and pay attention to the breath, and how it feels in detail with an appreciation of everything that is being felt. Becoming conscious of the embodiment of yourself in a body, which is but a tiny portion of the whole of you. A tiny portion, that is a portal to accessing the universe. Amazing, yes. Profound, yes. Subtle, yes. Simple, yes. The act of paying attention to your emotions on the physical, mental and energetic level is simply, slowing down, feeling, observing, listening to yourself. Something that isn’t necessarily first in our goal oriented society.

Loving yourself enough to be present and do your very best in the moment, whatever that means for you, is a profound practice. At any moment in time, we could say, spreading love is the most important thing we can do. That feels incredibly important right now, in 2024.

Our being experiences joy and alignment through many things including how we live in this world and hopefully, through what we have chosen to do with our time. No matter what we do, we can touch others with the energy of love through that medium, if we are in tune with ourselves and circling back, one way to tune in, is through the body.

Appreciate yourself for what you are. The universe conspired through millennia to create YOU as an individual expression of divine consciousness. Take a moment with some somatic movement to tune in and turn on and light up : )

“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”. -Rumi

Violet Moon Yoga